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NGK -  CR8EH-9 Standard Plug 
CR8EH-9 Standard Plug NGK
NGKElectrical - CR8EH-9 Standard Plug NGKElectrical - CR8EH-9 Standard Plug
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Product Description

NGK's Standard Plugs are Constructed for Longer Life and Optimum Performance.
• Trivalent Metal Plating Provides Superior Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Seizing Properties.
• Corrugated Ribs Prevent Flashover.
• Pure Alumina Silicate Ceramic Insulator, Provides Superior Strength and Better Heat Transfer.
• Copper Core Aids in Heat Removal.
• Triple Seals Prevent Leakage.

Made in USA


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Customer is required to verify that he ordered the correct spare part corresponding to his motorcycle. and its suppliers are not responsible for improper installation that result into damaging of products.

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NGK - Electrical - CR8EH-9 Standard Plug

NGK - Electrical - CR8EH-9 Standard Plug

NGK - Electrical - CR8EH-9 Standard Plug


للأسف خدمة البيع أونلين فقط هي اللي متاحة حاليا
Posted on Saturday, May 9, 2020
By Karim Taraboulsi

ممكن اعرف العنوان فين و انا اروح استلمهم ؟؟ عشان عاوزهم النهاردة ضرورى
Posted on Saturday, May 9, 2020
By Ahmed El Sabba

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