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Nighty Storm Bikers
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In 24's lookin good, Don't want the keys !! The big body cool drivers, the big truck and' all riders We let noone get by us, I need speed !! When I'm racin' that strip I got the button' n' chip The bike like tells me to strip, Don't want the keys !! The .. to describe who ever put in the dollar , hollow , we see a bike hotter I'm cuttin' corners like I'm crazzy I know how to burn a strip Me and my bike got a bomb like we .. keep Go with the 5'th , go with the 4'rth Break it back down to third , Break it back up to 6'xth once around this curve I feel the tension , not to mention , The intervention from the coppers We got pay bills , pay the ticket, only flex , that ain't gonna' stop us !!! Do look sure from the posh or red line Once I'm crossed the finish you know that I's bad time What more can I say , I'm true to this My bike's got a computer chip with no speed the way It's loosin' it !!

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Hi My Dears Have A Pleasent Day & A Good Mornig. Im From Alexandria And I Live In Kuwait Now. But Next Month I Have My Vacation And Want To Know Where's Your Club? How I Can Meet You?
Posted on Thursday, February 20, 2014
by Elenany Hassan

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